Rain, Rain Go Away!

As I am sure you have noticed, we have had a very rainy summer this year. While water is a necessity for lawns and landscaping, frequent showers also create some difficulties.

Some summertime weeds thrive in hot, dry conditions. As a rule though, plants (weeds included) do their best with an ample supply of water. This year, bed areas that typically have limited weed activity have shown themselves to be very friendly to several varieties of weeds. They are built to spread fast, and, with the right conditions…they can take over quickly.

What makes the situation even more challenging is that steady rains can reduce the effectiveness of weed control applications. These treatments need time to set up and do their thing. With near daily showers, it is easy for our treatments to be washed away before they have a chance to work.

We know that you are not a fan of weeds, and neither are we. Sometimes Mother Nature does not like to cooperate with our plans – and this summer is one of those times. Until things dry out, Martin Landscape will do all we can to stop current and future weeds in your landscape. We thank you for your patience!