Attracting Birds In Cold Months

The cold grey winter months can seem desolate and dormant in contrast to the activity and life of the warmer seasons. Fortunately, Mother Nature does not totally shut down in the winter – she just needs a little coaxing to show her face.

Not all birds head south when the cold arrives. Welcoming these feathered friends to your winter lawn can add welcome movement and color to an otherwise dreary landscape. Providing food is a surefire way to bring birds to your yard. Food supplies for birds are scarce in the winter, making them more than happy to drop by if you are offering a free buffet. High fat food such as suet, peanuts, and sunflower seeds go a long way towards keeping birds fed throughout the winter.

If you can offer birds shelter from the elements as well as food, they will be especially grateful. Roosting boxes for birds can be bought or built and provide a refuge from bitter cold, wind and rain. The addition of evergreen shrubs or trees to your landscape can also give birds a place to call home when temperatures fall.

Birds and humans both win when you make your yard a sanctuary for birds. Give them a reason to stop by and they will fill your yard with color and life all through the winter.