Founded in 2004

Martin Landscape is founded on the principle that there is no substitute for hard work in providing the best possible service to our customers. We provide professional landscape services that surpass the expectations of our clients and focus on their success. In providing those services we not only rely upon a well-trained and effective labor force, but we also implement the latest technological innovations within the industry. With hard work and the latest technology, Martin Landscape is able to provide its residential and commercial customers with the best possible product in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We have followed this core principle from the very beginning and continue to follow it today.

Wade Martin founded Martin Landscape in 2004 with one truck and a push lawn mower. Initially, he focused strictly on lawn maintenance. After encouragement and demand from his existing customers, he expanded to include the installation of irrigation, followed very quickly by expanding to include landscape construction/installation along with his existing lawn maintenance. Shortly after expanding to a full-service landscape company Martin Landscape acquired its first commercial landscape maintenance client. Once we entered the commercial landscape maintenance market word spread quickly. The company grew just as fast as its reputation spread for providing the best in landscape services in both the residential and commercial markets. Commercial customers began to seek out Martin Landscape for the quality of service we provide. Today, with a dedicated focus on commercial landscape and residential landscape services, Martin Landscape has the experience and know-how to perform at the highest levels in an efficient and cost-effective manner to its clients.